Mr. Brendan Harold was my attorney for a reckless driving charge in federal court. During the initial consultation he was prompt, professional, and empathetic to my case. We began to draft a course of action, which began to set my mind at ease for a potentially serious and worrisome charge. On the day of court, Mr. Harold was again prompt and I was confident that he would at least help me achieve a lesser charge. Mr. Harold used his skill and the unique circumstances to have the charge dismissed. If you are in trouble and not sure where to turn I would highly recommend Mr. Harold as your attorney.

Shealin S

Entering the criminal world was something I thought would happen to me. I was referred to Brendan Harold by my divorce lawyer. Mr. Harold was eloquently spoken, clearly well versed and sophisticated in his approach to my situation and sensitive to my circumstance. I was charged with a felony and misdemeanor stemming from a nasty divorce. He won the misdemeanor at trial and was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony. His confident, aggressive approach to defending my case was that of a lawyer that had practiced a century longer than Mr. Harold but his knowledge of the law was more than current. His back ground as a former divorce lawyer certainly made me feel more comfortable.

Cindy S

Brendan Harold represented me when I received a reckless driving charge in Fairfax County (not my first one). Brendan negotiated with the lawyer representing Fairfax County and got my charge reduced to improper driving.

Adam S

I had a reckless driving ticket for driving 99 MPH. Mr Harold convinced the judge to reduce charge the class one misdemeanor to improper driving – a traffic infraction. I think I would have gone to jail without him.

Kevin J

I was charged with reckless driving as a result of a terrible accident. I truly believe that with any other lawyer, I would have gone to jail, lost my license and, as a result, would have probably lost my job. Mr. Harold was responsive to my requests and did his best to keep this matter out of the papers. When asked to make a comment for the news before the trial, he refused because it would have only benefited him. Despite the odds, he won at trial.


I was served with a temporary protective order, which was initiated by a vindictive neighbor. Mr. Brendan Harold readily got the order dismissed at court, by forcefully and cogently arguing both the facts and the law. Mr. Harold did not hesitate to go to trial after negotiations failed, which was part of the plan he developed at our first meeting.

Dale L., Ph.D.

I was wrongfully charged with Assault & Battery and Attorney Brendan Harold has performed a magnificent, superb job in defending me and getting the changes dropped. I would recommend him to anyone in need of criminal Attorney. His professionalism, expertise and Counsel changed my life so that I have the blessing of having a harmony of family along with my two children.

Alan K

I would highly recommend Brendan to represent anyone facing a drug charge. He is kind and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I was charged with the possession of marijuana and Brendan helped me have all the charges dropped with only of 50 community service hours. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Morgan A

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