Expungements—the removal of an arrest from your criminal record—are available in certain circumstances. The process is complex, but clearing your records of an arrest could make a difference in whether you are accepted to a certain school, remain in school or obtain employment. The Harold Law Firm can assist in determining your eligibility, evaluating your options and representing you through the process. Mr. Harold has the experience to represent you through the process.

Expungement is a process where an individual can petition (sue) the Commonwealth of Virginia, to remove an arrest from your criminal record and seal the court record(s) from public view. An expungement is available under limited circumstances for both misdemeanor and felonies. Get these changes fixed today!

You may be eligible for expungement of your record if you are:

  • A defendant in a criminal case who is then acquitted by a judge or jury.
  • A person in a civil action who is charged with contempt of court, but is found not guilty.
  • A defendant in a criminal case that the Commonwealth Attorney’s office decides not to prosecute (nolle prosequi) for all charges.
  • A defendant in a criminal case when the charge or charges are dismissed on the merits of the case – not a deferred disposition at this stage of the law.
  • A defendant charged with assault and battery or other misdemeanor for which the defendant could also be sued in a civil action, if the injured person enters into an accord and satisfaction.
  • A person whose name or identification has been used without consent or authorization in a criminal case (identity theft).
  • A defendant convicted of a crime who later receives an absolute pardon.

With an ever-changing judicial system, it is important to understand your rights and use an attorney that has your best interest in mind. The Harold Law Firm will answer your questions, provide sound legal advice and make recommendations for you and your future.